A Hero Steps From The Shadows

The journey here was long.

With only Agro for company, Wanda has travelled for many moons to arrive at this place, a strange temple in the middle of a desolate land. As he lays the body of the girl on the cold stone pedestal, he begins to wonder if the legends are true. But his mind isn't allowed to drift far; a voice speaks from the heavens... the first voice he has heard in a long time.

It seems there is some hope; a chance to trade death for life, to bring her back. But such unimaginable power carries with it great consequences.

Wanda will do anything, no matter what the cost to himself; he has come too far to lose faith now. The voice speaks of great beasts that inhabit this strange land; creatures that, if slain, may grant the power to resurrect lost souls.

When all seems lost, there is always a way.

And now, Wanda's journey is only just beginning...


Text taken from SotC instruction manual